Friday, July 4, 2008

a meal is NOT a meal without dessert

What is up with Italians calling a cup of fruit a dessert? Maybe this is how they stay so thin or maybe it is because they have consumed so many courses of a delicious filling meal that they don’t feel the need for dessert. I would just assume skip course #2 and get dessert-a real dessert!! My favorite desserts are hot with ice cream on top. Most restaurants as you can imagine didn’t offer that unless I was reading the menu incorrectly, so I would have to use my Southern accent and bat my eyes to ask them to add that yummy gelato. I couldn’t tell if the waiters were fond of me or just plain annoyed. It didn’t matter though the minute that I laid eyes on some of these sweet creations. Here are just a few that we did happen to stumble upon...

southern girl loves to eat

Okay, so i am doing what i said i would never do...creating a blog. not that i don't love viewing hundreds of others, i just thought it wasn't for me until now. My husband and I just got back from a two week vacation in Italy and after looking back at my pictures i realized most are from the food we ate instead of the amazing places we visited. That lead me to think back on preparing for this trip: 1) the countless hours I spent on trip advisor mostly reading restaurant reviews, 2) making reservations, and 3) taking recommendations from others that had been in the past. I guess you can say that I take my food very seriously. Someone once told me that the average person eats about 85,000 meals in a lifetime. i have already had about 30,000 of those meals so I hate to think of another meal wasted. when i travel i love to experience the culture and by eating their food. Although I love to eat out and try new places, I also love cooking and what better way to enjoy a good meal than with family or friends that enjoy it as much as you do.